Easily Identify Your Amazing American States [Digital Download]


There is always a need for coloring books that teach. Amazing American State Flowers and Birds Coloring Book gives one more way to learn with all original artwork. Each state has a card beautifully depicting the state flower and bird with the state’s shape and location in the U.S. Also available is the Amazing American States and Capitals Coloring Book, which is sold separately.

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What a great country we have—but so many states to learn! Does learning to identify them all seem like an impossible task? Not with Easily Identify Your Amazing American States with Clever Comics Memory System. Our minds want to make sense out of what we see. So when the mind is given visual and mental clues its ability to remember instantly and dramatically increases. And once you see it, you will wonder why you never noticed it before!

The states look like their state abbreviation. How simple, how obvious! Texas is a T with an X, California is a giant C and an a, Oregon is an O with room for an R, and New York is an NY, and so on. You begin to wonder if the states got their shapes from their abbreviations in the first place!

The second important aspect of memory is review often. There are nineteen quizzes in the Quick Quizzes for Your Amazing American States booklet (sold separately) that can be given at a moment’s notice. (The tests are fun! You will decipher a code using the state initials and do dot-to-dots that make pictures if you know your states!)  In the end you will know your states better than most people think is possible.


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