Memory Mapping America [Digital Download]


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Is it possible to map America by memory? Once you have the state shapes and locations down, mapping the country will happen quickly with Memory Mapping America. You will be stunned with the ease in which you learn this seemingly impossible task. The US is divided and conquered with the step-by-step guide.  The maps that are drawn are put to use to learn all about America:

  • Mountains
  • Rivers
  • Highways
  • Dates of Statehood
  • Growth of the United States
  • Location of Native American Groups
  • The Spread of Horses and Guns
  • Interstates
  • Time Zones
  • Agriculture
  • Presidential Elections

Memory Mapping America is a great way to boost the understanding of historical events and geographical studies in general by mentally visualizing the locations of all the states, and some events related to them.

What a sense of accomplishment you will have in being able to do something few people in the world can do; that is, map the USA from memory. It is fun and surprisingly easy and gives you an amazing secret edge.

Before starting this course of Memory Mapping America, make sure you know all your states’ shapes and locations. Use Easily Identify Your Amazing American States (sold separately) and Quick Quizzes for Your Amazing American States(sold separately). These books will make the states easy to learn with Clever Comics Memory System.


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