Quick Quizzes for Your Amazing American States [Digital Download]


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After you have learned all the abbreviations and state shapes in Easily Identify Your Amazing American States (sold separately), the second important aspect of memory is lots of review. There are nineteen quizzes in the Quick Quizzes for Your Amazing American States book that can be given at a moment’s notice. These quizzes feel more like a game than a test because they are fun!

Quizzes Include:

  • Codes to decipher using only the states’ shapes and abbreviations
  • Dot-to-dot puzzles that make pictures if you know your states’ locations

In the end you will know your states better than most people think is possible!

When you are done with the learning of the state shapes and abbreviations, learn to draw a map of America by memory with Memory Mapping America (sold separately). You will  astound yourself at how fast you learn. The step-by-step instructions are easy and straight forward. And when you are done, you will be one of only a handful of people who can Memory Map America!


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