Workbook for Remembering God’s Chosen Children


Volume 2 of Susan Mortimer's Create-a-Notebook Series: Moses to Solomon

• Study history to understand the Bible! Egypt – the History/Persecution of the Jews through the Holocaust
• Study the Bible to understand history! Moses – Joshua – the Judges – Saul – David – Solomon

The journey of learning is fascinating and life-changing as the Bible is presented from a Judeo-Christian perspective, not just as a historical document, but as a handbook for daily living, with a special emphasis on seeing the human heart from God's perspecitive.

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REMEMBERING GOD’S CHOSEN CHILDREN is different from traditional textbooks which only teach one subject. Although the primary focus is Bible and Ancient History, the impressive lap-book style student notebook includes a calligraphy course, a structured creative writing course, and geography, anthropology and archeology are studied. The ultimate purpose of each element is to give the student a better understanding of the Bible. The focus is not on the individual subjects, but on studying issues, playing with concepts and mastering skills while learning discernment and logic.

Remembering God’s Chosen Children takes up where Remembering God’s Awesome Acts left off, so you will follow the Israelites as they leave slavery in Egypt and suffer with them during their forty years in the desert. You will march along as they conquer the Promised Land, watch the rise and fall of the judges, and meet the kings of the United Kingdom. You will also learn beginning Hebrew and calligraphy. You will be introduced to the Ten Commandments, the Tabernacle, and biblical feasts and find out how each of them relates to the New Testament. Jesus Christ is emphasized from beginning to end.
Adaptable for grades 7 and up.

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