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Q: Will a child know everything he needs to know when he finishes this book?

This question relates to a basic premise that the public school system has the latest revelation about what a child should be expected to know when. Children who have used Considering God’s Creation have tested well on the achievement tests, but we really need to consider an issue that is far more important. We need […]

Q: How can I adapt the program for younger and older students?

Considering God’s Creation was designed primarily for 2-7th grade children. However, there is some flexibility either direction. One of the reasons that Considering God’s Creation can be easily adapted to younger grades is that the lessons are done orally with music and activities. Also, the notebook pages are very visual so that even young children […]

Q: Is it a textbook or a “hands-on” approach to learning?

Neither! Traditional textbook science programs are primarily reading assignments which focus on science vocabulary and comprehension. For younger or slower readers, this can really bog them down and keep them from enjoying science. The non-traditional “hands-on” science programs have a lot of creative ideas, but they often call for materials that are hard to find […]

Q: My child has already covered everything in your book. Would there be any benefit in using it with him?

If your child has a good overview of earth and life science and is not yet ready for high school biology, etc., CGC would still provide structured opportunities to study any topic of interest in greater depth. In addition, using the Bible readings in each lesson, will help the child to understand more of the […]