Teacher’s Manual & CD for Considering God’s Creation


The Considering God’s Creation Teacher’s Manual provides easy-to-use instructions and answer keys for teaching this creative and in-depth elementary life science course.

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The Teacher’s Manual includes:
Easy-to-follow lesson plans (36 lessons)
Thorough vocabulary
Creative experiments and activities
Topical Bible studies
Evolution Stumpers
Ideas for further study
Answer key for student workbook pages
Review questions and answers
CD with 23 original science songs

Considering God’s Creation is an extremely flexible program. It may be used alone as a complete one to three-year study or with any other science program by selecting the areas that apply to what is being studied. A relatively small amount of reading is required to help keep complicated concepts at an introductory level while still pursuing scientific observation and analysis. Consequently it can be used in a single grade classroom or with a multi-level homeschool family.

We have kept the activities simple so that you will not need a lot of materials or equipment. Most of the work is done for you! We have done the research and created effective games, experiments, poems, songs, arts and crafts projects, and lap-book-type pages. The notebook pages are designed to help your students become true scientists, carefully observing and investigating God’s creation. In addition, we have placed a strong emphasis on relating science to the Bible and evaluating scientists’ worldviews. You, as the teacher, will have control over the information being taught and the order in which it is presented.

The Considering God’s Creation CD includes 23 original songs to help the children learn scientific definitions and relate them to their spiritual lives. For example, the song “Footprints”talks about how we are able to identify the previous presence of various animals by the tell-tale signs they leave behind. In the same way, people around us can tell if we are Christians by the impressions we leave.

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