The Faces Behind Eagle’s Wings

Authors Sue Mortimer & Betty SmithSue Mortimer and Betty Smith are first and foremost Christians, wives and mothers. They have written several books together including Alphabet Island Phonics, Eagle’s Wings Comprehensive Handbook of Phonics and Considering God’s Creation. Their books have been well received and met a real need in the homeschool community. Sue finished the first of her Create-a-Notebook series, Remembering God’s Awesome Acts, in 1997, and the second, Remembering God’s Chosen Children, in 2002. These books integrate Bible, history, creative writing and art. She also wrote an extensive book about the biblical holidays, Celebrating Our Messiah in the Festivals in 2007.

Sue Mortimer and her husband, Greg, were with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Dallas, Texas, and the Philippines for more than seventeen years. Sue has a B.S. degree in elementary education. She homeschooled her own three children and now has three grandchildren. In addition, over the years she taught more than twenty-eight missionary children while their parents were attending classes at the Wycliffe Center.

Sue’s sister, Betty Smith and her husband, Ron, have five children. They built their own home (paying for each phase as finances allowed) in rural Oklahoma and arranged their lives to be able to go to Dallas to work on writing projects with Sue for months at a time. The Smiths spent several months in the Ukraine in 1993 as lay missionaries and have continued to maintain contact with their friends there. They serve as trustees for OCHEC (Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation).

Sue and Betty are “missionary kids” from Mexico. They were “homeschooled” and “cottage-schooled” long before these terms became popular. If talents were a deck of cards, they feel that, even though they are sisters, each was dealt a completely different hand. Together, Sue and Betty make a great team. Betty writes music, does all the computer work to get the materials camera ready, and has good writing skills. She can also interpret Sue’s scribbles. Sue has a creative mind for making worksheets that will do what they need to do for teaching a concept. She is always trying to put twice as much information on a page as will fit. Sue also does the beautiful artwork.

The authors created these books for their own children, for whom their greatest desire is that they grow up to be men and women of God. They hope that they will be a blessing to you and your children as well.