Remembering God’s Awesome Acts Vol. 1

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Volume 1 of Susan Mortimer’s Create-a-Notebook Series: Adam to Moses

• Study history to understand the Bible! Ur – Sumer – Egypt
• Study the Bible to understand history! Adam (creation) – Noah (the flood) – Abraham – Isaac – Jacob – Joseph-Moses

The journey of learning is fascinating and life-changing as the Bible is presented from a Judeo-Christian perspective, not just as a historical document, but as a handbook for daily living, with a special emphasis on acquiring a biblical worldview.



REMEMBERING GOD’S AWESOME ACTS is different from traditional textbooks which only teach one subject. Although the primary focus is Bible and Ancient History, the impressive lap-book style student notebook includes a drawing course, a structured creative writing course, speech and drama. In addition, geography, anthropology, archeology and linguistics are studied. The ultimate purpose of each element is to give the student a better understanding of the Bible. The focus is not on the individual subjects, but on studying issues, playing with concepts and mastering skills while learning discernment and logic.

When studying the Tower of Babel and the dispersion of the nations, the student does a country study from each continent. This includes not only facts about a country, but also the nation’s prayer needs, major religions and availability of scriptures. Art lessons help the student to appreciate the different facial features of other peoples. And language studies (using college-level techniques) help develop an awareness of the work of missionaries.

Learn the answers to these questions and many more! (Teacher’s Manual contains answer key and directions for notebook.)

  • What are twelve aspects of God revealed in the creation story?
  • What five things did the serpent say in the Garden of Eden that are the basis of false religions today?
  • What are the elements of Hebrew poetry and how can you recognize it in scripture?
  • How many continents have pyramid structures and how do they compare to ziggurats?
  • How many languages are found on each continent and how many groups of people do not have any portion of the Bible in their own language?
  • In what ways do Adam, Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses compare to and foretell of the life, death and salvation of Jesus Christ?
  • How does studying the unique physical features of a camel give us a better understanding of Rebekah?
  • Which of the dozens of titles and responsibilities given to the second in command, or Vizier of Egypt, can be demonstrated in the life of Joseph?
  • What is it about hieroglyphics that make it possible for even young children to read the ancient Egyptian script without even knowing the language?
  • How does turning the Nile River to blood show that God, and God alone, is the source of all creation, the sustainer of life on earth and the source of eternal life after death?
  • 288 page Notebook.

Adaptable for grades 5 and up.

Teacher’s Manual for Volume 1 of Susan Mortimer’s Create-a-Notebook Series: Adam to Moses

  • Study history to understand the Bible! Ur – Sumer – Egypt
  • Study the Bible to understand history! Adam – Abraham – Isaac – Jacob – Joseph – Moses

The Teacher’s Manual gives special insights into the lessons as well as the answer key for the student notebook pages. In addition it contains many examples of writing and art lessons done by actual students. Teacher time for lessons is minimal. Adaptable for grades 5 and up.

Also included:

  • Extensive art lessons
  • Directed writing assignments
  • Development of logic & discernment skills
  • An introduction to linguistics, anthropology and archeology
  • Ready-to-use lesson plans

2 reviews for Remembering God’s Awesome Acts Vol. 1

  1. Ann A

    I love this book. I used it with my 3 sons in homeschooling. They learned about Biblical poetry, translating languages, about different and varied cultures, about missions, and about ancient Egypt’s beliefs and culture at the time of Moses (something I had always wanted to learn about) among other things. There are art lessons too but we didn’t use them much (my boys do enough drawing on their own… ) I highly recommend this book–I hope it isn’t out of print…

    • Betty Smith

      Thank you for your kind comments! The book is still available–the Teacher’s Manual is still in print, while the Student Notebook is a downloadable pdf. file that you can print out as many copies as you need for your family!

  2. Kim Southwell

    I had semi-used this with my older kids, but with so many to teach at once I didn’t get as far along in it as I am now with my last one. This workbook is a treasure-trove! It covers so much material in interesting and varying ways. I’m going to drop doing some of my daughter’s other separate subjects and just concentrate on this book since it covers so many subjects. Thanks again for all your fun and in-depth materials (we’ve used Alphabet Island and Considering God’s Creation also).

    • Betty Smith

      Hi Kim! Thank you for your kind comments! Enjoy using this with your daughter!

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