Eagle’s Wings Comprehensive Handbook of Phonics


A real treasure for anyone who is teaching or interested in phonics, this 228-page non-consumable book is your guide for phonics, spelling, penmanship, and creative writing from kindergarten to ninth grade.


This is the most comprehensive phonics book on the market and will allow almost anyone to become a phonics expert.  For example, the revolutionary and exhaustive research done exclusively for this program shows that although there are seven different pronunciations for ‘ough’ and ‘augh’, there are only thirty common words with these spellings. They can be easily learned as a unit with our picture and poem.

Phonics is the study of sounds and the whole purpose of teaching phonics is to enable your child be an excellent reader and writer. From his first story on, the Creative Writing section gives practical ways for you to help your student express his thoughts in well-written form.

Each chart is a complete, computer-checked list of words with a specific pattern, and includes all the exceptions. This enables you to visualize the whole picture at a glance and to see that the description of the pattern (i.e. the ‘rule’) applies to the majority of the words in the chart.

86 Word Charts—explain how the English language works!
Charts include:

  • 250 3-letter, short-vowel words
  • separate charts thoroughly covering long vowel, blends, digraphs, diphthongs
  • all the ways to spell /shŭn/, and when to use them (-tion, -sion, -ssion, -cian)
  • prefixes, suffixes, homonyms
  • heteronyms, antonyms, synonyms

Teacher’s Manual—clear directions on how to teach spelling and reading from each chart as well as helps for remedial and “English as a second language” (ESL) students.

  • Penmanship—directions for printing and cursive
  • Creative Writing course
  • 50 Book Report ideas
  • 25 Spelling/Reading games
  • 64 Phonogram flash cards
  • Creative teaching helps
  • 600 most often used sight words—the single greatest help to improve your child’s reading ease and speed

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