Alphabet Island Phonics 1 (Kindergarten)

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Now available in-print as a part of the Alphabet Island Phonics Complete.


Your student will master reading and spelling 230 words with:

  • Spelling words
  • Songs
  • Workbooks – give more practice
  • Flash cards – 5 fun reading games motivate your child to try harder and work longer
  • Readers – Five take-home readers build reading confidence
  • Spelling – teaches reasoning skills

Alphabet Island Phonics 1 comes complete with step-by-step teacher’s manual, student workbook, flash cards, games, and an album of songs on CD.

Beginning readers master the phonetic sounds, alphabetic sequence, correct letter formation and the reading and spelling of more than 230 3-letter short-vowel words. Formation poems teach proper direction, formation and placement of letters. Professionally recorded album of songs teaches phonics sounds, stories, poems, and original songs. Alphabetizing and reviewing the letter sounds is easy in a game form. Workbook pages reinforce each lesson.

NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Read aloud lessons are designed for the first time teacher. Students anticipate rather than dread new rules. For the next rule is the next story on Alphabet Island. The daily spelling words change only one letter at a time. This allows practice with a large number of words in a short time.

The Kinder-Math rounds out your Kindergarten program, providing a solid foundation in math.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How is spelling taught in Alphabet Island Phonics?

    Rules, often in the form of songs, give a concise and logical understanding of when and where to use a particular spelling for any given sound.


  • Q: How do I know if my child does not need to start with the Level 1 portion?

    If your child knows how to hear, see, say and write each letter of the alphabet, and can read and spell any three-letter word, he may enter directly to Level 2. The first unit of Level 2 is review, so if there are any deficiencies, you may work on them at that time and go on into the next unit when your child is ready.


  • Q: Why do you have the little characters in Alphabet Island?

    Children generally do not develop in their abstract thinking skills until they are about 9 years old. Spelling is actually a very abstract concept. The letter characters and the stories about them make it easier for the children to understand. For example, they may not be able to remember that ‘c’ says /s/ with ‘e’, ‘I’ and ‘y’, but they can easily remember that Clever ‘C’ says /s/ with the girls in Alphabet Island, ‘Everloving ‘E’, Innocent ‘I’ and Yours Truly ‘Y’.


  • Q: How far does the Alphabet Island go?

    Alphabet Island Level 1 is basically for Kindergarten. There are two workbooks, 2-A and 2-B in Level 2 that cover 1st through 3rd grade material and the “big” patterns of phonics. When you finish with the Alphabet Island, you may continue teaching spelling with the Eagle’s Wings Comprehensive Handbook of Phonics for 4th through 9th grade. You will have covered about 40 of the 83 charts in that book when you finished Alphabet Island Level 2.


  • Q: How long does it take to prepare for a lesson?

    Alphabet Island was designed to be taught by non-professional teachers, The lessons are meant to be read aloud and there is virtually no advance preparation required. It may take a little while when you are first getting started to get used to the directions, but it soon becomes easy and enjoyable for both you and your child.


7 reviews for Alphabet Island Phonics 1 (Kindergarten)

  1. Angie

    I used this program with my children, who are now in high school and college. I was looking it up to see if it was still available so that I could recommend it to some friends who are home schooling young ones now. The songs were awesome. It was great for my daughters to relate to the letters as characters. The genders of some of the letters helped the children remember some of the rules of phonics. We can still sing some of the songs to this day. I did realize later that just learning the information once in kindergarten or first grade was not enough. Phonics reviews in the early elementary years will be essential to fully solidify the information. It was a painless and fun way to teach beginning reading and spelling.

  2. Stacey Posey

    Alphabet Island is SO awesome that I am surprised more homeschoolers don’t talk about it more!

    My mom used it with my brother and sister back in the 90’s and passed it on to me to use with my 6 kids. My oldest loved it and he learned reading and spelling together. Making books were his favorite. I couldn’t make it work with my second son, who had major reading problems, at the time I tried to. I think if I had waited until he was more mature I could have used it along with slowing down and adding in some “right-brain” reinforcements. My other kids love it and I will begin to use it with my sixth soon.

    It’s solid and fun and scripted. The characters were embedded in their mind as well as mine. Mom and child were always happy with this and WOW! They DID learn to read well.

    I will continue to buy the workbooks for my other kids to use.

  3. Joy Butler

    I completely agree with Angie’s and Stacey’s reviews on this product. My children loved this program and speak of it to this day! They are all grown now and they can sing the alphabet backwards and refer to vowels by their Alphabet Island names. It was a great program; very useful and easy to engage them with – at all levels. The older ones helped with the younger ones – and enjoyed it because it was so charming. Our family loved it. Highly recommended!

  4. Marcie Adkins

    I also used this program with my son who is a dual enrolled high school student. We loved the program and he was a great, solid reader by the time he was 7 by using this curriculum. Reading remains his academic strength.

    In recent years, we have become friends with a 3rd grade boy who is in the public school system, lives in poverty & whose parents are involved in drugs. I have been trying to tutor this boy lately and believe that I will re-purchase this program for his benefit. I wish I had saved my son’s Jacob’s work just a “little” longer. Perhaps I will think of who I gave Jacob’s work to now…. otherwise, I will re-purchase!

  5. Sandi Crow

    I absolutely loved using Alphabet Island! I used it years ago (all 4 of my children are now grown) and then I continued to purchase workbooks yearly to continue to review it. None of my kids minded doing that cause the program made learning fun! When I was having trouble teaching phonics, I asked my home schooling friend who used to be a teacher in a school what to buy and she said “hands down Alphabet Island!”

  6. Sarah

    My younger siblings did this program when I was homeschooled, and I still remember rules and characters (that help me to this day!). Is this product still in print? If so, can it be bought separately with multiple student books?

    • Betty Smith

      Hi Sarah,
      Sorry for the slow response. Thank you for sharing your story! Yes, the printed version is once again available.
      Betty Smith

  7. Kristine West

    I’m now using this with my eighth child, and I used it with my others as well! All of the Eagles’ Wings products are inspired and creative and I highly recommend the authors republish EVERYTHING – especially now, as so many people have started homeschooling!
    It’s worth the effort!
    I used them in conjunction with the Orton-Gillingham 72 phonograms & always wished you’d join forces with SWR or All About Spelling or Susan Barton. Most dyslexia curriculum is so painfully boring & all your materials are engaging and imaginative. LOVE IT!!!!

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