Bible Timeline Game [Digital Download]


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Bible Timeline Game is a family game that teaches an overview of the whole Bible.

All ages can play together with an equal chance for winning. Bible Timeline Game is not a trivia game where you have to know the information in advance. Instead it lays out the stories as you play.

Players go from Creation to Eternity, landing on each square. The game has six detailed facts on each of forty-eight stories from the Bible. The toss of the die tells which of the six facts to read. Each square has an action to take, where you gain and loose people, qualities, and resources.

Each time you play it there will new facts and information to gain.

Children learn best while at play. With this game they gain the underlining frame work for understanding the sequence of events in the Bible and God’s eternal timeline for mankind.

Included are two versions of the game board. One with Hebrew names and one with the English names. Both are included so you can pick the version you like.

Game includes: 

  • Game board (both Hebrew and English)

  • Playing pieces

  • Die

  • 96 cards

  • Booklet containing rules and facts on each event


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