Amazing American States and Capitals [Digital Download]


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Amazing American States and Capitals with Clever Comics Memory System

There are 50 cartoons with clever puns to teach each state and capital. No longer do you have to rely on rote memory for this seemly endless list of states and capitals. The ingenious Clever Comics Memory System is a mnemonic system which utilizes visual images along with easy-to-recall mental cues making learning easy, quick and long term. Because this system taps into many areas of the brain, it is a must for Visual-Spatial learners.

The best way to learn the states is by region. Use the cards as flash cards and memorize the states and capitals in that region. When these are memorized, move on to the sequential region until you have all of them memorized. Each card is numbered and the correct answer and spelling of each state and capital can be found on the master list.

When all of the states and capitals are learned, they are reinforced, reviewed and tested with two full colored games:

  • The State Region Game is a card game where players collect all the states in a given region.
  • To State it Simply It’s a Capital Game has 50 cartoons on the map which are visual clues to recall the states and capitals, and to place them in their correct locations.

There are activities in Amazing American States and Capitals Workbook (sold separately), that reinforce the regions and the state capitals. This companion workbook offers writing, spelling, quizzes, and crossword puzzles to optimize the learning of the states and capitals.

These pages can be made into a booklet with a cover of the map containing all the cartoons. All of this makes for enjoyable and highly successful learning. The skills developed here can be used for learning lists or to spell problem words in other subjects.

Also available is the Amazing American States and Capitals Coloring Book (sold separately), which has a full coloring page for each state.


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