Q: What is Considering God’s Creation?

Considering God’s Creation an elementary earth and life science program that was born out of our desire to introduce our own children to the Creator through His creation. We wanted them to have more than just information and facts about the world around them, so that they could make some of the spiritual connections that Jesus so often pointed out in nature. For example, when we study plants and are out working in the garden, it is a perfect opportunity to talk about how God provides for all His creation, to tell the story of the sower and the seeds, to talk about reaping what we sow, and to discuss how we will be known by our fruits.

We also wanted to teach our children to absolutely love science and to become scientist detectives. We wanted them to be able to accurately describe different kinds of plants and to classify them in the appropriate categories.

We wanted to help them to learn discernment in reading or watching documentaries so they could recognize biblical as well as non-biblical worldviews.


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