Q: Will a child know everything he needs to know when he finishes this book?

This question relates to a basic premise that the public school system has the latest revelation about what a child should be expected to know when. Children who have used Considering God’s Creation have tested well on the achievement tests, but we really need to consider an issue that is far more important. We need to ask ourselves questions like: What is the ultimate purpose of homeschooling? Am I teaching my child to parrot back facts and figures or teaching him to be able to think? Do I log in our required hours or do I show him by example that I am a fellow learner with him? Am I preparing him for eternity or for the state? So, hopefully, your child won’t feel like he knows everything he needs to know when he finishes this book, but will be inspired to continue searching and even making new discoveries of his own. Academic science has not produced new knowledge or great leaps in technology. These have come from industrial scientists and inventors who looked beyond the books for answers to problems at hand.


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